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Love and Marriage Cartoons

wedding cartoon - bridegroom wants to read the small print.

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wedding cartoon - bridegroom thinks vicar's having a dig

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wedding cartoon - bridegroom says do I take this woman where

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Marriage guidance list of faults

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marriage guidance cartoon - husband lets wife watch cookery programmes

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wedding cartoon -lollipop men form a guard of honour

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Man proposes because he likes wedding cake cartoon

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marriage guidance cartoon and wife says visit is like a trip to the cinema

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Greetings card shop cartoon. Mman wants valentines card for his wife, but not too lovey-dovey

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wedding cartoon - bride tells groom to pick his feet up for the wedding march

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wedding cartoon - vicar says to bridegroom you can't phone a friend. Wedding vows cartoon.

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Marriage guidance office cartoon. Wife says husband is seducing the receptionist.

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wife wants to buy herself out if she wins the lottery

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Marriage guidance office cartoon. Husband has sent a postcard, but at least he's having good weather.

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Wife wants to know when the wedded bliss will begin - cartoon

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wedding cartoon - bridegroom's dad is happy because he's let his son's old bedroom to a lodger

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Wife is ironing and tells daughter that her marriage is called wedlock, and only seems like armlock.

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marriage guidance office cartoon. Husband thinks he's God's gift to women

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wedding cartoon - wive answers bridegroom's vows for him

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Husband and wife are fighting at the marriage guidance office

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marriage guidance cartoon - husband has been pinching the best jelly-babies.

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marriage guidance cartoon. Husband is in the dock.

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Driving cartoon - Wife's car has sign saying "How's my wife's driving?"

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wedding cartoon - two mice getting married in church

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wedding cartoon - bride and groom call into the marriage guidance office straight after their wedding.

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Marriage guidance office cartoon. Husband has boought a time-share at a rehab clinic.

My Police Training School Cartoon

Marriage guidance office cartoon. Wife is upset because husband sent their wedding video to You've Been Framed.

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wedding cartoon - Vicar tells bridegroom he should say "I do" and not "I submit"

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Marriage guidance cartoon. Mother stands in for her son who is at the pub.

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wedding proposal cartoon -  man asks his girlfriend to be his housekeeper.

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Marriage guidance office cartoon. Husband and wife are starting round two of a fight.

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Marriage guidance cartoon. Wife deemed to have been unkind in hiding her husband's bottle-opener.

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Doctor's surgery cartoon. Wife has a broken arm and husband asks the doctor if she'll still be able to wash-up

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Marriage guidance office cartoon - husband says his wife is getting lazy as she was late in cutting his toenails.

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Marriage guidance cartoon. Husband gives the counsellor a card with the number of the pub, in case she needs him.

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wedding cartoon - shop assistant says the wedding dress was late because the train was delayed.

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Cartoon where a Wife empties her washing basket full of stinky socks onto the table at the marriage guidance office.

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Cartoon of a couple at the marriage guidance office. Wife admits she's made a big mistake arranging the appointment for when her husband's football team is playing at home

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wedding cartoon -wife opens a wedding present, which is a set of saucepans, and asks her new husband how you work them.

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marriage guidance office cartoon. Husband has been counting the number of times his wife has left the cap off the toothpaste

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Marriage guidance office cartoon. Wife says husband is a bit stupid.

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wedding cartoon - vicar asks wife to let her husband speak for himself.

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Husband is cooking breakfast in bed - literally. Funny cartoon.

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marriage guidance office - husband asks counsellor if his wife is playing footsie under the table with him yet. Funny cartoon.

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Husband catches wife in bed with another man cartoon. She explains that she's only comparing so she'll know what a top lover he is.

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Marriage guidance office cartoon. Wife has a video link with her husband, who is still in bed.

A Selection of my Cartoons

Cartoon has a policeman bringing a drunk husband home to wife, who says couldn't it have waited until she's reported him missing.

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Marriage guidance cartoon. Husband shocks the counsellor by saying they're having problems with one of the positions in the Kama Sutra.

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Marriage guidance office cartoon. Husband sends his wife out to wash up the cups when he's advised to treat her like a woman.

I have drawn numerous love, marriage and wedding cartoons. It's a fun theme and I've enjoyed coming up with the ideas..

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