Nigel Sutherland is a freelance Cartoonist from the UK

Relationship Counselling Humour

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Relationship Counselling, Marriage Guidance, Relate... whatever you call it, the theme has provided a rich vein of humour for me over the years. I probably had more Marriage Advice jokes published in UK newspapers, set in hypothetical Relate Offices, than any other subject.

And Marriage Guidance has been a popular subject for single-panel gags and humour for as long as I can remember - probably since Adam first met Eve!

So, I thought I'd create this page featuring a selection of Marriage Guidance and Relationship Counselling cartoons for this website. Many of these Relate cartoons I am now also adding to low-priced ceramic coffee-mugs, so if you see a cartoon you really like, you can have it for keeps, in your kitchen cupboard.

Couple arm-wrestling at ralationship counselling office

Arm-wrestling at the Marriage Guidance office cartoon is available for purchase in my Etsy Store

Man has chair on ceiling of Marriage Guidance office

Awkward male partner at the Relate office. This cartoon is in my Etsy Store

Boring husband with Relationship Counsellor

Boring Husband at the Marriage Guidance office cartoon - available in my Etsy Store

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